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Urgencias metabólicas PADRESiv> Asistimos unas 27 personas entre las cuales estaban presentes Josu comercial de los laboratorios SHS. La charla comenzó a las 12:30 horas en el cual el Dr. de Las Heras explico detalladamente que pasos seguir ante una urgencia metabólica, tanto los padres en casa como los facultativos en el hospital. La exposición fue muy amena e interesante. Os adjuntamos el pdf explicativo. Gracias a todos por vuestra asistencia.

[good-old-gallery id=”3607″] Dr. Sanjurjo began publicizing the talk would be his last speech as a doctor, since the next July retire and thus ceases to act as such . After a brilliant career in the area of Pediatrics and specifically in the study and research of Inherited Metabolic Diseases as is recognized for his many publications and several awards , including the Queen Sofia Prize . He did a little tour of the struggle we have kept the families of those affected with metabolic errors along with doctors over more than 20 years in search of a reference unit for these diseases at the Hospital de Cruces, after many fights in the Basque Parliament and newspaper articles, it seems that the Ministry of Health from Europe have pushed for such Units ordered for 8 regions are created. Units require reference requirements that require to create them , a number of…

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[good-old-gallery id=”3591″] ROASTED TOMATOES WITH CRUNCHY PETALOS Portion 5 diners in the case of adults and 10 servings if they were children   10 ( 1400g. ) Medium tomatoes 350 g . Fresh mushrooms . 1 ( 250g. ) Onion 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley 4 tablespoons of olive oil 1 pinch of crushed garlic 1 pinch of ground white pepper Salt to taste 100 g . Special grated cheese. A spoonful of special breadcrumbs. PETALS FOR CRUNCHY : Special flour 1 cup Olive oil for frying necessary .   • Wash the tomatoes well , dry them and cut a thin slice at the end where the stem is located. While removing caps scrape the pulp and leaving only the skin to crisp petals and reserve . • Empty interior of the tomatoes and place them and the pan placed in the source that we will put in the…

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[good-old-gallery id=”3586″] 4 potatoes (350 g. Approx.) 50 g. Oscar Mayer bacon soft 30 g. grated cheese (German) Salt, pepper and oregano. • Heat the oven to 180 º • Wash the potatoes well and dry. • Wrap one by one in foil. • Roast in the center tray for approx. 45 minutes. • Prick with a needle to ensure they are ready. • Let cool until it is warm, cut in half. • We emptied the potatoes and reserve the meat. • In a skillet sauté the bacon fine previously cortadito and mix with beef and potatoes that have booked and half the grated cheese, add salt, pepper and oregano. • Fill each potato with the mixture, cover with the remaining cheese and we gratinamos in the oven a few minutes.

[good-old-gallery id=”3562″] Last Sunday we had our first cooking workshop 2014. We had a great time and learned to cook two new recipes. Thank you very much everyone for coming.