baked potatoes stuffed with bacon and cheese

baked potatoes stuffed with bacon and cheese
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4 potatoes (350 g. Approx.)
50 g. Oscar Mayer bacon soft
30 g. grated cheese (German)
Salt, pepper and oregano.

• Heat the oven to 180 º
• Wash the potatoes well and dry.
• Wrap one by one in foil.
• Roast in the center tray for approx. 45 minutes.
• Prick with a needle to ensure they are ready.
• Let cool until it is warm, cut in half.
• We emptied the potatoes and reserve the meat.

• In a skillet sauté the bacon fine previously cortadito and mix with beef and potatoes that have booked and half the grated cheese, add salt, pepper and oregano.

• Fill each potato with the mixture, cover with the remaining cheese and we gratinamos in the oven a few minutes.

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