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To acknowledge what other foods have been annalysed please contact the association.

Asociación PKU-OTM de Euskadi
Labur 1 bajo
48510 (Trapagaran) Bizkaia
Tel.: +34 944 80 32 41
Móvil: +34 636 92 20 80
Fax: +34 944 80 32 41
Email: pkuotm@telefonica.net

Important notice:
During December we will send new market products to the Department of Pharmacy to annalyse them, if you have an special interest in knowing a certain aminogram, please contact the association.

Abbreviations of the aminoacids figuring in the cookery book

Abbreviation Aminoacid
ASP Aspartic
GLU Glutanic
SER Serine
HIS Histidine
GLY Gyicine
THR Threonine
ARG Arginine
ALA Alanine
TYR Tyrosine
VAL Valine
MET Methionine
ILE Isoleucine
PHE Phenylalanine
LEU Leucine
LYS Lysine