Food Acquisition
We have all the products pointed out in the list, if you are interested in their acquisition, just get in touch with our Association from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Orders that have to be send send by transport to any place in the peninsula, will have a charge of 6 euros per box and a maximum weight of 5 Kg. This is the price the carrier charges us for shipping. You will receive your order within 24 hours.

The cost of the products must be payed through a bank transfer to the Association.

For any additional information call the Association or send an e-mail:

Telephone: 94 480 32 41

Products in stock

Diet milk replacer Strawberry bars
Bread mixture Vanilla biscuits
Macaroni Cocoa cookies
Spagueti Candy sponge cake
Lasagna Diet milk replacer
Spirals Spirals
APROTEN Spaguetti
Noodles Macaroni
Fetuchini Alphabet soup
Spagueti Rice
Donuts Vermicelli
Macaroni Chocolate cereals
Chocolate biscuits Honey cereals
Fruit biscuits HUBER
Low protein biscuits Crunchy chocolate vanilla (yellow)
Rusks Crunchy Chocolate (pink)
Bread sticks Lenguas de gato
Chocolate cookies CENTENO POZO
Crackers Spanish sausage
Strawberry Yoghourt Pate
Plain Yoghourt PROMIN
Banana Yoghourt Couscous
Tricolored shells
Tricolored spirals

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