Cooking Workshop March 16, 2013

Cooking Workshop March 16, 2013
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On March 16 we met a few families in the shelter of the grove and made ??our first cooking workshop this year.

This time the cooks were: Viky, I made some great vegetable dumplings, Mary made ??a hash oeuvres Bego Yuca and we prepared a scrumptious omelette, all with ingredients that our kids can consume, ie low in protein.

The workshop was attended by about 15 families of the association and then taking advantage of the hostel we were all cooked to eat and of course, for parents, some great beans from La Arboleda.

The day was very nice and we enjoyed it as a family. The kids had a great time, looking forward to our next.

We leave the recipes for that to take a look!

Omelette ingredients:
100 g potato
10 gr onion
12 mg egg
30 gr cornstarch
5g royal

Once cooked potato and onion is added everything else and cook over very low heat to prevent sticking.


4 slices of special bread (44 g) milk 30g Special
1 clove garlic, red pepper 90 gr
10 g Parsley 40 g carrot
120 gr 20 gr onion bacon
80 gr apple

In a bowl add the garlic, parsley and a little milk. We went through the blender and add the crumbled bread. Add the bacon and a little salt.
We went through balls and bread crumbs and then flour. The fry and removed.
To make the sauce, add the pepper, carrot, apple and sauté. We took it and went through the blender. If the sauce is too dry add broth.
Add the sauce to the meatballs and give a boil.


20 g butter
3 tablespoons oil
250 g of cassava
300 grams of flour
600 ml of milk Loprofin

Before patties be cooked cassava in plenty of water and a splash of oil. When cassava is already open before adding cooked and we should remove the root that is in the center.
Pour the butter and oil. Add the chopped onion and poached. Add the grated cassava and braise. We now introduce the flour and then the parsley and nutmeg. We are adding the milk gradually and when the dough pulls away from the pan and is ready.
We let the dough balls and then we will go through milk and then by breadcrumbs.

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