Family break Otxandio

Family break Otxandio
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From the 20th to the 22nd of February 2009

This is the first of four Family breaks in 2009.

As usual, we met at 17:30 in the association to pick the bus that would take us to Otxandio. The trip was enjoyable, since we had the chance to observe the sightseeing (specially Urkiola),although we did not like the road’s curves very much. We arrived at 7:00 pm to the Kerizara Baserria rural house were Marisa and Lara were already there waiting for us.

Once we arrived and after taking a look to the rooms, kitchen and living room, we settled in and decided top lay darts. Our only objective was to have fun until supper.

At 9:00pm we had supper and after eating the “carnival toast”, they tidied up and help washing then dishes. After this we had a chat. Afterwards we watched “Jungle Book 2”, very fun and entertaining.

Once we had breakfast and tidied our bedrooms, we had scheduled a hike to Urkiola, but because of the bad weather (terrible frost, it was too cold) we had to cancel and we changed the activity.

First, we lit the fire at the Txoko to heat the room and we then started to make a costume, a bird outfit which included a mask. We needed a lot of time for its fabrication because it consisted on cutting some garbage bags of different colours and giving them the shape of feathers, then we pinned them in another bag that acted as the body.

We had already bought the masks because we knew the difficulty of their elaboration.

To promote the development of the artistic ability, patience and the participation of everyone despite the difficulty of the task.

When we finished we chilled for a while with a grape juice and crisp snack at the porch, making the most of the sun. We also played some table football and table tennis, which they enjoyed very much, with the objective of having fun until lunch time.

Once we had lunch at 2 pm, we had an afternoon rest. We went to the town to the carnivals, we put on our costumes and went to the town centre and participated in the parade.

We celebrated the “kalejira” through the town streets. People dressed up and in every house that had the image of a saint they stopped and a choir sang a popular song. Then there was a costume parade in the town square, it was very amusing due to the participation of all of the town’s kids on the stage prepared for the event.

To make them realise there was no difference between the costumes of the other people and themselves in order to make them increase their confidence despite of the effort making the costume and to participate in the parade and recieve a round of applauses of the people gathered in the event.

We had for supper at 9 pm our hamburger which excites them so much due to the dish presentation Marisa prepares, with chips and salad. After dinner we watched the film “A fish called Wanda”. It was very entertaining and they had many laughs.

Being Sunday, Marisa prepared for breakfast churros with hot chocolate, they were delicious. After breakfast and finishing our labors, we went to the town for a walk and some shopping for the posterior activity. We had a morning snack at the town.

Once we were back, we played the “Game of the Goose”, but in a treasure hunt style. There were three couples and each couple depending on the square they where in, they had to do a different task. They enjoyed it very much and let us acknowledge it.

To acknowledge the importance of helping each other in order top fulfill team tasks and assignments.

When we finished the game we had a grape juice and some potato straws.
?After lunch, and once we had already tidied up, we chilled out for a while until the arrival of the bus at 5 pm to take us back to the association. And so, we said goodbye to the first family break of the season.

Irati, David y Eneritz

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