Hands-on cooking workshop and diet valuation

Hands-on cooking workshop and diet valuation
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29th of March 2009
We begin our anual cooking workshops 2009 with an excellent welcome, it seems that since October (when we had our last workshop) the families were “hungry” of new recipies.

In this occasion we made the following dishes:

  • Yuca croquettes
  • Vegetable Crepes
  • Vegetable lasagna
  • Fruit cupcakes
  • Chocolate sponge cake

We started with the Yuca croquettes, although we had already boiled the tubercule previously so it would be dry, we grate and operate it in the pan as if we were cooking normal croquettes so that the dough would cool and could work later on with it without burning ourselves. This dish barely has proteins and PKU-AD patients like it very much.

Parents took notes as always and asked questions frequently.

Marisa continued with the workshop. She is an experimented cook and she is great at elaborating new and original dishes.

She taught us to make two kinds of crepes, sweet and salty.

The workshops began at the scheduled time and were fun. We had a great time during the hands on cooking as well as during lunch. There were 29 adults and 5 children. The kids had a great time at the park as well as in the local painting and drawing.

As usual, the rest of us had a delicious lunch provided by a catering service so we could spare some time and effort. It was very pleasant, we had interesting chats (not all the topics were PKU-AD related) and we had some laughs occasionally. Paula took the children to play football so we could have lunch peacefully

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