Christmas 2008

As every year, the previous Saturday to Christmas Olentzero came to our association. In this occasion it coincided with the Saint Thomas Festival in Bilbao, so we had to be quick since he had to meet some people to organize the gift delivery on Christmas Eve.

Hands-on cooking workshop and diet valuation II

In spite of the horrible weather, at 11 am sharp we began with our second hands on cooking of the year 2008.

As every time we have this workshop, we prepare dan activity for the children with the monitors so that we can be relaxed while cooking. On this occasion and due to the bad weather, we took them to the movies to watch Madagascar 2.

Family break Legutiano

We met at 6pm in the association for our last family break trip in Legutiano. We got to about 7,30 pm to the Urkiola Enea house. When we settled, we indicated everybody to their rooms.

We then played billiards, just to have some fun.

Family break Puente Arenas

At 9:30 am we met at the association to go to Puente Arenas fullfiling Marisa’s invitation. Since Puente Arenas is very far away, hiring a bus was very expensive so we decided to go by taxi and car to save some Money. We got to Marisa’s house at 11:30. We then settled the kids in their bedrooms.

Family break Cabárceno

We met at 6 pm at the association to take the bus that would take us to Cabárceno’s shelter. When we got there we settled in our rooms.

Meeting in Torremolinos 2008

As every year, we meet again at the Príncipe Hotel in Torremolinos to celebrate a new PKU young-adult meeting.

Since we had more time this year, we have been able to add new things to the program, like for example the new games we palyed during the week. In this meeting, even though we have followed the plan of previous years, we have had changes like the on e mentioned before, new faces among the group and have enjoyed of the new installations of the hotel (Enormous swimming pools with Jacuzzis…)

Family break Ea

On the weekend of the 6th, 7th and 8th of June of 2008 we went to Ea, a nice coast village in Bizkaia. We spent the weekend in the Andutza country house, where besides some technical issues, we had a great time.

Hands-on cooking workshop and diet valuation

As planned, we started our workshop at 11am. There was not many people (25), but it all went very smoothly.

Residential weekends Plentzia Hostel

During this weekend a group of parents, PKUs and ADs and friends have met at the Plentzia residence for a residential weekend. This is the 7th edition.

For those who have never been there, it is a wonderful place, on a river shore, with a walk that takes us to the beach and with great communications. The residence is not a hotel, but it sure looks as one. The staff is very nice and the food more than adequate.

Family break Gordexola

We met at 5:30pm in the association as usual to fetch the bus that took us to Gordexola. When we got there we settled and explained the coexistance rules. We began the weekend by telling what each had done during easter holidays. When then played some music and danced. This was the way to break the ice, since it was our first trip for 2008.