Olentzero’s visit

The last 16 of December all the PKU and AD families from the Basque Country met to say farewell to this year.

Family break Gordexola

To begin the last Family break of 2007, we got in the bus at 18:00. We went to the Ugarte country house in the town of Gordexola.

This time the bus was more crowded than ever because new monitors were coming. They are Ane, Eneritz and Irati, and as the house was big enough, they came to watch and learn what we do in these breaks in order to substitute us after we stop on 2008.

Residential weekend Plentzia 2007

Once again we have met all of the PKU-AD families on a residential weekend. This time in Plentzia, an ideal setting to enjoy of a fabulous weekend- The weather was awesome, even better then on summer.

Farmhouse Family Break

We left at 6 pm towards Lapurriketa farmhouse to spend a new family break weekend. The trip took us an hour and since it was the third time we had gone there it was not necessary to show them the house so we settled in five minutes.

Meeting in Torremolinos 2007

As every year we met again at the Hotel Principe Torremolinos to hold a new meeting of young PKU. On this occasion the dates chosen were between 23 and 30 June.

The program did not differ much from previous years, which is one of the pending issues. We believe that we must include new features because we run the risk of running out the idea.

Family break Arteaga

As usual we met at our association headquarters to catch the bus at 18.00. At 19.00 we arrived to Urresti, the farmhouse where we spent a pleasant weekend. Once settled and until dinner time we were knowing the surroundings of the house.

Family break Zeanuri

The Family break season began with a pleasant weekend in a cottage in Altzuste (Zeanuri).
On Friday we caught the bus at the association headquarters at 18:00, to begin the weekend.
Once we got to the house and split the rooms, we put on our pajamas and we began the 3 rd edition of Miss and Mr. Sleeper. M ª José the caregiver won the feminine prize and Oscar the masculine.