Taking advantage of the freedom granted by new technologies we wanted to open a very important gap: Acknowledgments.

An association as humble as ours could not carry out a very important part of the work without the help of many people with such good will helped in one way or another.

On the other hand are companies, large or small, that collaborate in the donation of materials for our workshops or celebrations.

We do not forget public estates or foundations that their economic help keeps us alive, without this money many of the programs that we develop would be impossible carry out.

To all of you thank you for your collaboration.

Amama Blanca
Amoma Juanita
Caja Laboral
Artea shopping mall
Eroski (Artea)
Eusko Tren
Victor Tapia – Dolores Sainz Foundation
Basque Government
Ismisons natura
La Caixa
Lagun Aro
Gorliz council

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