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[good-old-gallery id=”3517″] We attended some 27 people among which were attended by Dr. Javier de las Heras and commercial Josu SHS laboratories. The talk began at 12 hours which Dr. Aldamiz made ??a comparison of what is a blockage in the acidemias. He did it with a trailer on the highway you have to find that hole you left when you cross or scissors to make passing the other cars. In acidemias are meeting new complications that were not described as patients were only pediatric age, as these patients get older is when they get to know these new complications. Clinically are: metabolic diseases intermediate metabolic pathways closely related to each nonspecific symptoms for each disease Symptoms of disease groups clinical biochemical screening criteria. Intoxication is an accumulation of different compounds intracellular metabolic block next to it creates: aminoacidopathies organic acidurias deficiencies of the urea cycle energy deficit deficiency in…

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